Research & Teaching Interests

  • Eighteenth-Century British Literature and Cultural Studies
  • Novel and Narrative Theory (18th – Contemporary)
  • Film Studies, Visual Culture
  • Performance Theory and Theater History
  • Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Drama
  • Aesthetics and Aesthetic Theory
  • Digital Humanities—Pedagogy, Research, Analysis with Computers
  • Eighteenth-Century Popular Culture and Performance
  • Disability Studies
  • Research Methodologies
  • Horror Film and Paracinema

Marymount University

Selected syllabi and course materials online, where possible. Note that this list has not been updated in a few years, as I’ve moved almost exclusively to Canvas for content management.

English 101, Composition I [ Seeing/Writing FA08 ]
English 102, Composition II [ Honors 1920s FA10 | 1920s SP10 ]
Discover 101, Anatomy of a Film
English 200, Elements of Literary Study [ Adaptation SP10 | Imagining Robinson Crusoe SP07 ]
Honors 200, Postcolonial Theory and Novel (Tutorial)
Honors 200, The Curious Eighteenth Century (Tutorial)
Honors 200, 17th and 18th Century British and French Theater (Tutorial)
English 203, World Literature: Renaissance through Enlightenment
English 207, Theater History [ SP11 ]
English/Interdisciplinary Studies 240, Introduction to Visual and Cultural Studies [ FA10 | FA11 ]
English 290, Introduction to Literary Theory [ SP11 ]
English 318, Theater History
English 340, Major Women Writers: Women Writers before Austen
English 426 (Honors), Studies in the Novel: Selling Stories of Sex & Gender in the 18c
English 490, Major Authors: Patricia Highsmith
English/Humanities 501, Building Textual Interpretation
English 502, Critical Theory
English/Humanities 505, Cultural Transitions: Subjects, Objects, and Signs
English 521, The Rise of the Novel: Text and Context
(Graduate) Independent Study (Tristram Shandy)
(Graduate) Independent Study (Disney and/as Popular Culture)

New & Substantially Redesigned Courses

English 200: Elements of Literary Study
English 290: Introduction to Literary Theory
English 318/207: Theater History
English/Humanities 501: Building Textual Interpretation
English/Interdisciplinary Studies 240: Introduction to Visual and Cultural Studies
English 426: Studies in the Novel
English 521: Rise of the Novel
Discover 101 (Pilot Program)
English 101 (Pilot Program)

Washington & Lee University

English 105: Composition and Literature (“Villains, Criminals & Outsiders)
English 252: 18th Century British Literature (“Experiment, Exploration & Enlightenment”)
English 232: The Novel (“18th and 19th Century British Fiction”
English 333: Topics in Drama (“Licensing & Licentiousness: British Theater 1660-1737”)
English 335: Topics in the Novel (“The Rise of the Novel”)
English 380: Summer Seminar (“Chainsaws & Gore: American Slasher Cinema”)
English 400: Independent Study (“The Bröntes”)