Current Projects


Doing & Making

Developing Novels in Contexta web-based primary sourcebook for teaching the 18th century novel–this has evolved into Literature in Context: An Open Anthology of Literature in English. A classroom-sourced, edited, open-access anthology enhanced with Hypothesis and user-generated themed anthology creation capability. Online interactive reading with pop-up, media-rich annotations.  Print reading with footnotes. E-reader and mobile functionality. Collaborate on GitHub.

New writing projects on corpse humor; Charlotte Lennox’s Henrietta; first modern magician Isaac Fawkes

Designing two new courses: Quantitative approaches to literature, and 18c literature through media studies/print technology

Developing a new B.A. program and minor course of study in Digital Writing & Narrative Design

The Gomatos Reading Room at Marymount

Digital Humanities section editor for ABO: An Interactive Journal of Women in the Arts, 1640-1830

Leading our department through challenging times

Refinishing an old buffet that someone left on the side of the street

Future Doing & Making

Digital Humanities Initiative at MU

WordNet to Visualize Language Patterns