Content Management, Editing, Social Media


Department Web and Content Manager, 2008-2020.

From 2008-2012, I developed and managed our department web presence on, before migrating to a university-wide server installation of WordPress. I worked as one of the key voices that successfully advocated for a university-wide multisite installation for student, faculty, and university unit needs, both within the classroom and without. Since approximately 2016, I have been the chief web manager for three program pages (and numerous subpages) on the Kentico CMS system, including those for the Department of Literature & Languages, the B.A. program in Digital Writing & Narrative Design, and the M.A. program in English & Humanities. From 2006-2009, I managed a small hand-designed web presence for the department using Dreamweaver.

Social Media Architect and Content Manager, 2012-2020.

For the past 8 years, I have managed the department’s social media accounts across Facebook, extending from there into TwitterInstagram, and LinkedIn. In 2017, I consolidated our orphan Facebook groups and profiles, linking them to a single page. In the past two years, I have linked our regularly-used accounts via HootSuite, to simplify management and scheduling of posts. I set up and contribute to a departmental YouTube account and maintain a Flickr Pro account for visual archive management. I train and supervise student workers who assist with our social media presence.

Visual Materials Designer, 2010-2020.

For the past decade, I have been responsible for designing our event and program publicity materials, including numerous print advertisements for visiting speakers and authors, some of which are available here. Print materials are primarily designed in Photoshop, while social media materials, a combination of Photoshop and Befunky, a simple web-based design platform that integrates with social media and unlicensed image repositories like UnSplash.

Web and Publications Editor, Virginia Humanities Conference, 2016-2020.

While I have been involved with the VHC–a non-profit organization the goal of which is to advocate for the humanities–since 2013, I became in 2016 the non-profit organization’s Web and Publications editor, and a permanent member of the board (along with the Treasurer). I am responsible for designing promotional materials, managing the print publication of our conference proceedings, maintaining contact lists, archiving annual conference materials, and developing and maintaining the website. In particular, I migrated from a hand-designed site to WordPress and spearheaded the integrated use of PayPal to systematize registration and registration fees. I served as the VHC President for 2015, hosting an annual conference that brought approximately 80 external speakers, presenters, and students.

Section Editor, ABO: An Interactive Journal for Women in the Arts, 1640-1830, 2017-2020. 

For the past three years, I have served as the Digital Humanities Section Editor for ABO, a peer-reviewed open access scholarly journal indexed in the Modern Language Association International Bibliography and the Directory of Open Access Journals. In this capacity, I identify appropriate scholarship and scholars and invite submission, shepherding authors through the submission and review process using BePress, a professional digital publishing platform; I identify suitable peer-reviewers and work with them as they assess the quality of the submission and make recommendations for publication; I work with my fellow section editors to review the final revised essay and make ultimate publication determinations; and I work with copyeditors and authors to prepare the final work. In the summer of 2020, I worked with my colleagues to develop and lead an 8-week writing community, which garnered over 100 participants. When the journal was first starting, in 2011, I served for two years on a team of founding web editors, publishing via Dreamweaver.