RDF/OWL Representation of WordNet


WordNet [Fellbaum, 1998] is a heavily-used lexical resource in natural-language processing and information retrieval. More recently, it has also been adopted in Semantic Web research community. It is used mainly for annotation and retrieval in different domains such as cultural heritage [Hollink et al., 2003], product catalogs [Guarino et al., 1999] and photo metadata [Brickley, 2002]. It is also used to ground other vocabularies such as the FOAF schema [Brickley and Miller, 2005], as background knowledge in ontology alignment tools and other applications (see http://esw.w3.org/mt/esw/archives/cat_applications_and_demos.html for a list). Currently there exist several conversions of WordNet to RDF(S) or OWL.

via RDF/OWL Representation of WordNet.


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