Fall 2009 courses


This fall, I’m teaching three courses: DSC101, EN203, and EN/HU501. DSC 101 is a first-year seminar organized around the analysis of popular horror films, which I’m very eager to get started on. As an introduction to college coursework, the course seeks to make analysis, close reading, and research a little more interesting; as an introduction to college as a new kind of learning space, the course seeks to encourage collaboration, lateral thinking, and effective use of technology (not limited to computers, but tools of all sorts!).

EN203 is my survey course, World Literature: Renaissance through Enlightenment; I likely won’t re-organize this course in any broad way this term, as I’ve got the DSC101 and EN/HU501 to focus my attention.

Final, a graduate course on research, writing, and analysis in the seminar environment, EN/HU501. Check that out online!


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