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Demo Timeline: Evelina


Have you used Timeline JS to recreate a novel with enriched digital resources? I am testing what this might look like in an epistolary context, using Frances Burney’s EvelinaBy sharing the google sheet on which the timeline is based, students could be assigned letters or chapters to add–some things I’ve discovered so far are that you can add entries in the timeline to groups, useful for visualizing the epistolary network, and you can also use simple numbers instead of dates in the year category–by doing that, coupled with providing a “display date” that can be a text string, one can create a non-date-specific timeline, useful for a novel.

Things to consider: how and when to paraphrase or excerpt a representative quote from the letter, identifying what makes a relevant media resource, how to cite and caption it, using groups (how many can be used?), how best to use the date/display date tools, what is the “type” feature.

Teaching with technology materials

Materials for my two sessions are available in a google drive folder here. If you want easier access to the google doc on using google drive (very meta, I know!), I’ve made it public to anyone in the world to view; here’s a link to it, and it’s also embedded below. Now that I’ve put this link here, you should be able to search the web for it!

Here’s the google doc on using images in the classroom; I’ve also published and embedded it below.