I’ve been teaching since 2006 at Marymount University in Arlington, VA, where I work on eighteenth-century British literature, cultural studies, theater history, theory, and writing. Over the past years, I’ve also been working on several digital humanities projects–using Omeka as a tool for teaching research methodologies, most recently–my Omeka project with our Gomatos collection is now hosted by the WRLC! I studied eighteenth-century literature at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, where I also worked for a bit as an SGML/XML reviewer for EEBO. After Michigan, I spent a year at Washington & Lee University as a Visiting Assistant Professor.  I’ve recently published on the figure of the contortionist (or “posture-master”) in the eighteenth century (Journal for Early Modern Cultural Studies, 12.4), early eighteenth-century British farce (Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Theatre Research 25.1) and using simple data visualization tools to teach early modern literature (Journal of the Liberal Arts and Sciences 2009). Current project? I’m wavering–return to the ample…er…bosom of Mary Toft? Continue the posture-master project, in another direction? Corpse humor? Or, launch a DH project I’ve been kicking around in my head–a curated database of primary sources useful for teaching the 18c British novel? Decisions, decisions.

When I’m not in the classroom, or the office, I like to watch bad horror films, read things completely unacademic, cook, and explore DC. I have two cats, Mr. B— and Anna, who enjoy sleeping, eating, and sitting on papers as soon as I put a stack down. It’s like they have radar.

Contact me at thowe at marymount dot edu or find me on twitter @howet, though I’ve admittedly been less proactive about twitter than I should be. I hereby apologize to the thousands of people eagerly awaiting my next tweet. And now, @tonyamarie on ello.


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